Days of Our Lives Spoilers June 5 – 16 (2023)

In the latestDays of Our Livesspoilers for June 5-16, there’s big trouble brewing in little Salem. Megan might want to pay close attention to that opening voiceover about sands in the hourglass, because it’s beginning to look as if her time could be running out! Meanwhile, Bonnie reveals Sarah’s ever-expanding secret, Nicole shares news with Eric, and Paulina is getting increasingly desperate for news about her still-missing husband! Want the details? Of course you do… so read on!

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Terrorized By Colin, Talia Secretly Slips Chanel a Message as Jada and Rafe Look Into Nurse Whitley

Days of Our Lives spoilers for Monday, June 5:

In today’s recap, the paternity test results are revealed, Sloan flashes back to collecting the DNA sample, Xander kisses Chloe, and Gwen seeks out Dimitri.

Days of Our Lives Spoilers June 5 – 16 (2)

There are probably a lot of people Sloan doesn’t particular want to see, but Jada — who shows up on her doorstep — has to be right up there at the top of the list.

Leo has pretty good reason to suspect that Colin might be after him. But what, exactly, does he think Gwen can do to help?

Looking to solidify her power base, presumably, Megan decides that Dimitri should marry… hold up… Kristen? That’s a little too close for comfort!

Days of Our Lives spoilers for Tuesday, June 6:

(Video) Days of our Lives 2-Week Ahead Spoilers: June 5th-16th, 2023 #dool

In today’s recap, Megan wants Dimitri to marry Gwen, Talia’s grabbed, and Chloe makes a surprising admission to Xander.

Days of Our Lives Spoilers June 5 – 16 (3)

Former scheme team Kristen and Gwen sit down for a little catch-up… and boy, do they have a lot to talk about!

Leo may be the gossip columnist, but it’s Jada who wants the dirt when she grills him about his run-in with Colin.

Talia’s apology tour continues as she visits Rafe to say “My bad” regarding her recent lies.

What does Xander do to earn a slap from Chloe?

Shawn’s been on edge lately, and today he snaps at wife Belle.

Days of Our Lives spoilers for Wednesday, June 7:

In today’s recap, a terrorized Talia seeks help from Chanel, while Abe tries to make sense of his new reality.

Days of Our Lives Spoilers June 5 – 16 (4)

Whitley wants Abe to feel right at home… despite the fact that he definitely is not home! Meanwhile, as Paulina is down in the dumps and missing her man, Julie tries offering some comforting words. And maybe, just maybe, Abe will be back with his wife soon, given that the police get a tip on where he might be.

(Video) Days of our Lives Next Week Spoilers: June 5th-9th, 2023 #dool

Talia being out on bail definitely rubs Chanel the wrong way. Meanwhile, when Talia crosses paths with Colin, their encounter leaves her shaking in her stylish boots.

If Wendy has any doubts as to how Tripp feels, she won’t after he makes his feelings — and intentions — perfectly clear!

Days of Our Lives spoilers for Thursday, June 8:

Chanel freaks out upon learning that her mom has gone missing. Meanwhile, Paulina is busy confronting Colin in the hope of finding out where her MIA husband is! Unfortunately, Whitley is continuing to make sure that Abe remains completely cut off from the outside world… including his loved ones!

Jada and Sloan might just find themselves bonding as they compare notes about their wayward siblings.

Will Wendy buy what Johnny’s selling when he explains why he left her high and dry?

Days of Our Lives spoilers for Friday, June 9:

Rafe’s search for Abe has him knocking on the right door… but a confused and frightened Abe refuses to open it! Meanwhile, Whitley is in for a shock when she takes on a new patient and finds out that it’s none other than Paulina!

Kate will no doubt have cause to worry when Roman reveals that he’s about to join the search for his missing pal Abe. Later, she seeks out Harris in order to offer him a job.

Megan tells her son that he needs to get ready for his “interview” with Gwen. Is a brand new scheme team about to be born? Meanwhile, Gwen is having a chat with Leo about their hopes and dreams, all of which have crashed and burned!

Days of Our Lives spoilers week of June 12:

Days of Our Lives spoilers for Monday, June 12:

(Video) Days of Our Lives Spoilers Next 2 Weeks: June 5 to 16, 2023 /DOOL Next 2 Weeks, June 5 to 16

Gwen sits down with Dimitri to conduct his tell-all interview. Wonder if sparks might fly between these two troublemakers?

Maggie fired Alex (who went on to get a new job before she could change her mind), and she’s now looking to make a new hire. But when she interrupts Xander and Chloe, what position will she offer the hunk? Heck, what is he qualified to do?

Looks like Bonnie will find it impossible to keep a certain secret. On the other hand, she’s spilling it to Justin, and a wife shouldn’t keep things from her hubby, right?

Hard to believe it’s been a year since Abigail was murdered. But to mark the solemn occasion, Chad pays a visit to her grave. Might she make a ghostly appearance to her still-grieving husband? Meanwhile, Stephanie shares her feelings about Chad with, of all people, Alex!

Days of Our Lives spoilers for Tuesday, June 13:

Sure, Bonnie let the truth slip to Justin, but she’s trying hard to keep Xander from finding out about Sarah’s pregnancy. (Hey, Bonnie, you know the best way to keep him from finding out? Keep your lips zipped!)

Nicole has news to share with Eric about the baby. But will it be news he welcomes?

Gabi is a woman who can recognize a threat from a mile away. So when EJ and Stefan begin sparring, she suggests they instead focus their energies on a much, much bigger threat. Something tells us she’s probably talking about Megan, who at that very moment is doing her best to make Li a tempting offer!

Days of Our Lives spoilers for Wednesday, June 14:

Paulina wants an update on her missing husband. The fact that she has to go to Steve and John and ask if they’ve found Abe tell us… yeah, probably not. Meanwhile, the amnesia-stricken Abe finds out something about his past…

Stefan carves out time for an evening with Gabi.

(Video) Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Next Week, June 5 to 9, 2023 / DOOL Week of June 5

EJ overhears exactly what Megan is up to and calls his sister out on her deadly plans.

Somehow, Li manages to convince Wendy that he’s totally over Gabi. (Sorry, Wendy, but you’re the only person who’s buying that!)

Days of Our Lives spoilers for Thursday, June 15:

Megan and Li get together to do the only thing people like them know how to do: plot and scheme!

Nicole’s search for EJ leads her straight to… Stefan? Perhaps that’s because EJ is actually in a very, very bad situation!

Like us, Leo immediately recognizes that Gwen is attracted to Dimitri. And what’s not to like? He’s tall, dark, handsome and — like her — a world-class schemer!

Megan’s time could be running short. She’s made more than a few enemies since arriving in Salem, and now, Harris tells Kate he’ll happily accept her offer to “deal with” the Megan problem!

Days of Our Lives spoilers for Friday, June 16:

Leo and Gwen are supposed to be besties, right? So why is he putting himself directly between her and Dimitri?

Belle realizes that Shawn’s mental situation is quickly getting worse. But what can she do to help?

Sloan has the perfect solution to Eric’s situation: She thinks they should have a baby together! (We’re gonna file this one under “bad, bad idea!”)

(Video) Next 2 Week Spoilers: June 5 to 16, 2023 Days of Our Lives Spoilers for Next two weeks 2023

EJ and Kristen discuss their options. The first item on the agenda: How to deal with Megan. Actually, it’s kinda the only item on their agenda! Meanwhile, they might be able to call the meeting short, given that Harris is poised to remove Megan from the picture!

When it comes to the DiMera clan, they’re a complicated bunch… which is why we put together the photo gallery below to sort out who’s who!

— Richard Simms


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